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Self Help Fund

Self-Help Fund

Ambassador's Special Self Help Fund

The United States Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea has a special fund for small community projects.  In the past, this fund has been used for schools, health clinics, footbridges, and wells.  It has also helped community farms, grain mills, and women's cooperatives.  We are particularly interested in projects, which will generate income (directly or indirectly) to support other community activities.  However, the fund cannot be used for private, commercial ventures. The maximum support available for most projects is 5,000,000 francs CFA.

To be eligible for funding your project must meet the following criteria:

  • The project must be initiated by the community and should benefit the community by increasing income or improving living conditions.
  • The project should be high impact, quickly implemented, which benefit a larger number of people.
  • The project must be completed within one year without requiring further Self Help Assistance.
  • The project must involve a significant local contribution in cash, labor, or material.
  • The project should be within the ability of the community to operate and maintain.

Certain kinds of projects, or portions of projects, do not qualify for this fund.

  1. Requests to buy sophisticated equipment such as vehicles, computers, film projectors, stereos, etc.
  2. Proposals that have a purely religious, police, military, or cultural emphasis.
  3. Private, commercial enterprises.
  4. Payment for pesticides, herbicides, labor, salaries, operating costs, or training cost.
  5. Purchase of consumables or non-durable good such as books, medications, animal feed.
  6. Funds cannot be used for revolving credit schemes.

How to apply for this fund

Complete two (2) copies of the Self Help Application form. (More forms are available at the Embassy or you can make your own copies)  Please type or write clearly.  Answer every question as best you can.  We encourage you to add extra sheets to your application, which give additional information.  (The more you explain about your project the better we can understand your needs.)
All applications must include a specific budget and cost estimates.  Projects involving technical construction (bridges, schools, roads, etc.) should have drawings and estimates that show adequate planning.  However, detailed drawings or blueprints are not required.
You must include a map or a description of how to find your project for your project to be considered for funding
Sign the forms and give them to a local administrative authority (such as the Community Development Officer, the Divisional Officer, or the Sub-Divisional Officer), for his or her signature.  Keep one copy of the application for your records, and send the other form to the Embassy at:

American Embassy Malabo 
Programa Auto Ayuda
Embajada Americana Malabo
Malabo II
Malabo, Bioko Norte
República de Guinea Ecuatorial
Tel:  (+240) 333 09 57 41


Each year the Embassy receives many more applications than it can possibly fund.  Only those that meet the guidelines will be considered.  If your project is chosen for consideration, someone will visit the site to talk to you about the proposal and verify the information on the application.  Please include a map and/or a description of how to locate your project.  Also include a telephone number if one is available.  Tell us if there is someone in Malabo who knows about the project and can be contacted to answer any questions. 

Application Form

  • Download the PDF verion of the Self-Help Application Form here using  Adobe Reader.

    If you do not have Adobe Reader, download the latest version of Adobe  Acrobat Reader.

Self-Help Fund Projects

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