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Ambassador Asquino Visits Rio Muni
Three people in yellow jackets stand on balcony looking out over construction site

Ambassador Asquino looks out over the construction of the new university in Oyala

Palm trees overlook sandy beach

The beach at Punta Mbonda, near the border with Cameroon

From February 8-February 13, Ambassador Asquino visited Rio Muni, Equatorial Guinea's mainland territory.

On February 8, he traveled north to Punta Tika, near the border with Cameroon, to visit Tomage, a program aimed at studying and raising awareness of the main types of sea turtles who travel back to Equatorial Guinea's beautiful coastline every October-February to nest.

The following day, Ambassador Asquino participated in the closing ceremony of a conference co-sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and the EG NGO ASAMA on gender equality in Bata. In his remarks, the ambassador highlighted the U.S. government's efforts to promote the rights of women and girls worldwide.

Later, Ambassador Asquino traveled into the interior to visit Mongomo and Oyala, two important cities close to Equatorial Guinea's border with Gabon. In Mongomo, the ambassador toured the recently-inaugurated Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and visited the site of the Presidential Library, currently under construction.

In Oyala, Ambassador Asquino toured the campus of Equatorial Guinea's new university, which has been under construction for three years and is set to open in the future.

Throughout his journey, Ambassador Asquino met with Equatoguineans from all segments of society, and pledged the United States' continued engagement with the people and government of Equatorial Guinea.

More photos of the journey can be found in the photo gallery on the right.